Yet another prototype BMW X3 has been spotted out and about going through its final rounds of testing before it hits the streets later this year. While this most recent one didn't trigger any car bomb scares in Manhattan, it does have one feature that has led AutoExpress to speculate that this could be BMW's next hybrid model.
The only real visual difference on this CUV is the wheels which bear a strong resemblance to those found on the ActiveHybrid X6. There are no other real clues that this is a hybrid. If we go with the assumption that this is indeed a hybrid then what might we expect to find under the hood?

We're pretty sure that it won't be the two-mode system found in the X6 because BMW has hinted strongly that it won't be producing any other two-mode vehicles. Instead, it is almost certainly a derivative of the modular mild hybrid found in the ActiveHybrid 7. It could be either the 15 kilowatt mild version found in the 7 or perhaps the 40 kW strong-hybrid that was in the ActiveHybrid 5 concept shown at the Geneva Motor Show in March. If it is the stronger hybrid, BMW could also make this the first new model to get a four-cylinder engine in the U.S. in over a decade.

[Source: AutoExpress]

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