Say you're in the market for an electric motorcycle but you don't like the modern styling of a Zero S or a Brammo Enertia. Or maybe you do, but some jerk who works in your office already has one. Well, now you can get a modern electric bike that looks like anything but. Check out custom bike designer James Hammarhead's cafe racer-inspired Volta 102.

Each customized Volta 102 starts life as a 2002-2009 Royal Enfield Bullet. Classic bike enthusiasts know that, in its heyday a half-century ago, Royal Enfield was known for keeping streets and driveways across the British Empire nice and waterproof, earning it the nickname "Royal Oilfield." The engines of the revived Royal Enfield don't suffer from the same machining defects of the original, but nonetheless, the gas engine is gone out of the Volta 102 and, in its place, a 6kw EnerTrac MHM 602 electric motor. Power is supplied by a 102-volt lithium-iron-phosphate battery pack (hence the name Volta 102). We have no performance specs, but with those power numbers, it should move pretty good.

We're not going to sugar coat it for you; for the price of a single Volta 102 you could buy Brammos for you and several friends. But that's precisely the point. If electric motorcycles catch on – and with sweet tax breaks for electrics popping up like dandelions, they very likely might – it's gonna cost a little extra to stand out from the silent, electric crowd. But don't take it from us, take it from the manifesto of James Hammarhead himself:
James Hammarhead founded Hammarhead Industries (HHI) to satisfy his yearning for a simple yet modern motorcycle. His mission is to build elemental motorcycles outside of the plastic-encrusted mainstream motorcycle industry. HHI bikes honor the taut lines and lean form of the iconic motorcycles of the 1950's. Each build is executed with an eye towards repurposing, recycling and efficiency. Hammarhead Industries provides minimalist motorcycles that are prepared for the modern world. Most are quiet, some are silent and all are built to be ridden.
You can check out HHI's website here. Special thanks to ABG reader Case for sending this in!

[Source: Hooniverse]

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