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"They would kick their anthropomorphized butts back to the factories from whence they came, preferably for recycling."

This statement appears to be the long-sought answer to the question of how today's electric off-road motorcycles would fare on a track against their 150cc gas-powered brethren. Now that the the question has been definitively answered at the 2010 Minimoto SX Energy Crisiscross by Drew Gosselaar's domination of the race aboard a Quantya Track, let it nevermore tug at the back of your mind like that faint urge for milk and cookies at two o'clock in the morning.

It wasn't just the successful hole-shot to checkered flag performance of the Swiss-built bike that makes the case though. For that we turn to exhibit B: a pack of five Zeros in hot pursuit filling the remaining spots on the podium as well as 4th, 5th and 6th place. A rather convincing finish to the first AMA-sanctioned "electric vs. gas-powered" race, we think. The only question the result prompts is "Who's next?" Make your way past the break for a press release from Quantya and a little blurb about the event from Zero Motorcycles.

*Update: Quantya also secured the eighth and tenth position.

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Quantya USA Scores Electric Win in First Gas Vs. Electric Dirt Bike Race

LAS VEGAS, NV (May 7, 2010) – Drew Gosselaar and his Quantya "Track" electric motorcycle scored the top spot in the first ever AMA-sanctioned electric versus gas-powered dirt bike race, dubbed the Energy Crisiscross (ECX) at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, NV this past weekend. Gosselaar led an electric bike sweep of the top six spots, with the first gas-powered bike taking seventh. The rules for the Energy Crisiscross event restricted the modifications to the gas- powered bikes and required use of the stock frame, forks, cylinder, carburetor and engine cases.

Gosselaar, the fastest qualifier of the day, pulled the hole-shot and never looked back while on his way to the checkered flag. Drew and his Quantya "Track" also scored the fastest lap of the race. "Quantya gave me the best equipment possible," said Gosselaar. "Even though they're a new company, they've made an all around awesome machine. I was comfortable from the second I got on the bike. It just shows the potential of electric bikes and how easy they are to ride and even win major events."

Besides Gosselaar, Team Quantya consisted of a total of five riders, including two-time AMA Lites Champ, Damon Huffman, Brian Roth, David Lodermeier and Casey Hinson. Quantya riders scored three of the top ten positions. All in all, electric bikes took seven out of the top ten spots, proving that electric bike technology has come a long way.

Quantya USA President, Dario Trentini, was ecstatic over the results. "Quantya is very proud of this historic race win," said Trentini. "Our goal was to show that electric motorcycles are real contenders. We realize that this is only the early stage of electric motorcycle racing and our goal is to keep working to improve this technology for all potential electric bike uses. This is our second year competing in the USA and taking first place in this year's ECX and first in last year's all-electric bike race motivates us to work even harder for next year."


Quantya is the result of eco-conscious motorcycle enthusiasm mixed with Swiss craftsmanship and quality. The Quantya Strada and Track are high-performance, zero-emission electric motorcycles built and tested for the true enthusiast. Quantya, the next generation of motorcycle, is here.

For more information on Quantya USA, please visit

About the MiniMoto SX race:

The 2010 MiniMoto SX showed that Zero Motorcycles' dirt bikes are becoming increasingly competitive on the track. Zero Motorcycles' selected a Zero owner, Blake Mitchell, to field a team. By supporting a team lead by a customer Zero hopes to show what other dirt bikers could do with an electric motorcycle that is fun, competitive and available now.

Zero Motorcycles took four of the top five places at the race which included a field of twenty gas and electric motorcycles. Three of these riders came from the team that Blake Mitchell, a Zero MX owner, put together. The other rider was a former MXGP World Champion, Sabastian Tortelli, who two years earlier competed on Zero Motorcycles' first production Zero X electric motorcycle.

Who Raced:

Zero Motorcycles' MiniMoto SX team was put together by a Zero owner. Blake Mitchell and his team represents a classic Zero Motorcycles story. Originally riding gas motorcycles, Blake purchased his first Zero in 2008 to open up new riding possibilities around his urban home. He, his brother and others in the area also purchased Zeros for similar reasons. After work or on the weekends they are able to train without disturbing their neighbors.

Sebastian Tortelli, a former MXGP World Champion, first rode a Zero X for Zero Motorcycles at an exhibition race in 2008 at the MiniMoto SX. For the 2010 race he returned, interested in trying the latest Zero Motorcycles' dirt bike. Sebastian practiced on the Zero MX for a few minutes in the afternoon the day of the race and that evening placed an impressive third.

About Zero Motorcycles Racing:

Zero Motorcycles is committed to proving electric motorcycle technology by participating in dirt and street competitions. Zero held the world's first fully electric twenty four hour off-road race in 2009. In 2010 Zero claimed first place in the final heat of a French dirt bike race to place an overall third among a field of two hundred and fifty gas competitors. By supporting racing series Zero continues to bring electric motorcycle technology from the track to the garages of riders around the world.

Racing shows people the exciting performance capabilities of electric motorcycles and causes them to think about what they might do with a motorcycle that is not only fast and fun... but is also stealthy, inexpensive to operate, easy to maintain and lightweight.

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