It was to be expected, but the rapidly changing auto industry is experiencing a shortage of mechatronic engineers to assist with the development of EV cars and systems. As it is, there are plenty of electrical engineers and mechanical engineers, but those who are adept at integrating mechanics and electronics – in areas like battery management and algorithms – are desperately needed.

Several universities, especially in the Detroit area, have inaugurated or will soon begin programs to graduate these kinds of engineers, but in the meantime it's every EV company for itself when it comes to finding talent. Larger players like Chrysler don't appear to be worried, saying that programs will only be pushed back by a couple of years or so and that's only in the worst cases. Smaller EV companies with exceptional talent are a little more nervous, knowing what a big company can offer when it wants to poach. If you're a skilled electromechanical engineer, it might be time to ask for a raise no matter who you work for...

[Source: Ward's Auto]

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