If you've stuck your head outside of the automotive maelstrom for half a second, you've probably caught wind of the fact that the UK is going through a major political shake up right now. Jolly Old has just appointed David Cameron from the Conservative Party as its new Prime Minister, and that means plenty of change is in store.. That also means that a new Transportation Minister is likely to pop up in the near future. According to a new AA/Populous pole, the Brits wouldn't mind seeing Sir Richard Branson or Jeremy Clarkson at the head of transportation.

The survey found that 26 percent of those polled could potentially see the head of the Virgin empire call the transportation shots. Even more surprising, Jeremy Clarkson pulled down 24 percent of the vote. It's hard to imagine a world in which Jezza calls the transportation shots. Caravans, hybrids, bicycles and most American vehicles would be forsaken in favor of Ariel Atoms and a selection of supercar hardware. You know, on second thought that doesn't sound so bad... minus the lack of nice American iron, of course.

The survey asked participants to choose between a list of 15 non-governmental celebrities and business people. While Branson and Clarkson took the lion's share of the votes, poor Jenson Button walked away with less than a six-percent vote of confidence.

[Source: Fleet Directory | Image: AFP/Getty]

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