It seems like this story replays itself time and again. Some company is awarded a bunch of money from the federal government for advanced battery technology and claims that its breakthroughs will lead to yada yada yada. We've heard it many times, too, but it would be unfair not to give props when due, right?
So here goes, Oregon-based Revolt Technology was selected as one of the final 37 awardees for battery research and development. Revolt was awarded $5 million from the Department of Energy to continue development of its zinc-air battery technology that could lead to the next generation of high-energy-density batteries. Zinc-air technology is touted for its low cost and the possibility of greatly extending the range of electric vehicles. There, that is short, sweet and to the point. But, if you long for additional info about the remarkable metal-air class of batteries, there's a lot more here.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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