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The interwebs are rife with rumor that the mysterious General Motors technology partner is none other than Google itself. Motor Trend is reporting that GM is currently courting the search guru in order to use the Big G's Android operating system in its vehicles. If successful, the company should have a telematics system that's more than capable of taking it to Sync – the excellent Ford/Microsoft mashup currently available in most Blue Oval products.

While MT claims that GM wants to out and out buy Android, we doubt that's the case. Google hasn't exactly made a habit of selling anything it produces – opting instead for an advertising-based revenue stream. What's more, Google is making major inroads into the consumer electronics marketplace with Android. Still, that doesn't mean the open-source Android couldn't find its way into the next generation of smart-phone capable vehicles from Detroit.

If the rumors prove true, we should first expect to see some iteration of the system on the upcoming Chevrolet Volt. GM has already said that owners will be able to monitor things like battery life and charging from their smart phones. They'll also be able to start and unlock the vehicle via a Volt app. Similar usability will likely trickle down into the rest of the GM ranks.

  • 11/29/09 7:17:39 -- Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A Vehicle Chief Engineer Andrew Farah and the new Chevy Volt during the Dodger Stadium ride and drive.

[Source: Motor Trend via Engadget]

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