More and more fast charging system will hit the streets over the next decade as electric vehicles become more common. As the market grows, more and more players will enter the space. One of them, Netherlands-based Epyon, showed off its new fast charger this week in Amsterdam along with a public display of the Nissan Leaf.
Epyon's 400-volt charging station can provide an 80 percent charge for the Leaf's 24-kWh battery pack in about 30 minutes. The Leaf is equipped with two charging ports, a standard J1772 port for charging at 110/220 V and second connector for three-phase 400 V outlets.

The Epyon charge station is capable of supporting multiple 400 V outlets, allowing several vehicles to be charged simultaneously. The charging station is also equipped with internet-based communications, which allows remote configuration and billing for customers.

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Epyon Unveils Fast Charger for Electric Vehicles During Nissan LEAF Tour in Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM, May 10, 2010/PRNewswire/ --

- Fast Charging Solutions are Ready for Deployment in Europe

Epyon, a European leader in the development and marketing of smart charging solutions for the emerging electric vehicle market, is unveiling its latest fast charger for electric vehicles (EV's) in the Netherlands this week during the presentation of the all-electric Nissan LEAF which is in Amsterdam for three days until May 12.

Epyon was invited by Nissan for the event to demonstrate the fast charging technology that is ready to be rolled out within the European market. "We are very pleased with this opportunity and with the cooperation with Nissan. It underlines the trust Nissan has in our fast charging system and infrastructure solutions", explains Johan Peeters VP Sales and Marketing at Epyon.

Epyon's fast charger will recharge the Nissan LEAF up to 80% within 30 minutes.

The Nissan LEAF can drive up to 160 kilometers on a full charge (US LA4 mode). Studies have shown that the average daily mileage for 80% of the world's population is under 100 km.

Whereas charging an EV via a regular 230V outlet takes about 8 hours, Epyon's fast-charging technology can fully re-charge the car in a fraction of that time, for example in between two meetings. "While you are out of the car to get a cup of coffee or do some quick shopping, your car could be recharged and always be ready to go", states Peeters.

The Nissan LEAF will be launched in selected European markets starting in late 2010.

Elegant and compact

Epyon designed a charging station with elegant and compact outlets which do not disturb the scenery and fit easily in a local streetscape. A single fast charging station can operate several of these compact outlets so multiple EV's can be charged simultaneously from a single charging station. The intelligent charging stations are remotely configured, managed and maintained through Epyon's Power-Routing network. This webbased network offers charging station operators the necessary information and tools to efficiently run their charging business..

Epyon's charging stations support the international CHAdeMO-standard. Last month Epyon announced that it had joined the international association for the standardization of quick-charging protocols. Epyon is one of the leading European providers of quick chargers equipped with the latest CHAdeMO communication protocol for charging electric vehicles of major car brands.

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