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The all-electric e-max scooters have been on sale in Europe for a while, but we got our first look at them here in Las Vegas at the AFVI Expo this week. The company behind the scooters has been, in some form, at least, been working on plug-in scooters like these since 2003 and now has a line-up of seven models (three are just lithium-ion concepts at this point). The scooters have different configurations and range estimates, but, in general these are intended for getting around in urban areas. There are delivery models and scooters with swappable batteries, which must help with the tagline that these vehicles are "loved by nature."

The company's website manages to hide the prices for these vehicles pretty well, but when we learned about these scooters a few years back, the 110s model cost €3,500 (around $4,444 at today's exchange rate). The 110s can go 170 kilometers at 25 km per hour or 90 km at 45km/h and recharges its silicon battery in 4-6 hours. The e-max scooters are currently available in Germany, but marketing material distributed at the booth talks about U.S. availability for the 90s, the 110s and the 120L, which uses a lithium-ion pack, so keep an eye out.

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