Whether or not you believe properly inflated tires save fuel, more and more vehicles are coming equipped with tire pressure monitoring sensors ( TPMS). Sensors mounted in either the valve or on the wheel itself measure tire pressure and alert drivers when their tires drop below a pre-set level of inflation. An Irish company (who's website is mysteriously malfunctioning as of this writing) coincidentally called Shrader Electronics has now taken TPMS to the next level.

Shrader's "talking tire" monitoring system will not only keep drivers apprised of their tire pressure, it will also provide feedback on the condition of the tire's tread as well as real-time information on road conditions, especially traction. Here's Shrader's quick description of the technology :
The new system features a tyre pressure monitoring sensor (TPMS) that will be mounted inside the tyre, rather than on the valve or wheel rim as with current direct TPMS systems. The sensor will then transmit information wirelessly to the driver via receivers in the wheel housing and the car's engine control unit.
The company says that the technology could:
...help motorists significantly reduce their carbon 'tyreprint' as vehicles with properly inflated tyres boast an improved fuel efficiency. In addition, underinflated tyres wear out quicker and need replacing more frequently.
The European Union has required that all new vehicles sold in 2012 have TPMS installed. Hopefully, Shrader Electronics has their website up and running long before then.

[Source: Treehugger | Image: C.C. 2.0 – ambo333]

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