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There are a some Porsche enthusiasts who feel every Porsche should have a boxer engine in the boot, but each and every month the sales totals tell us that customers are far more interested in vehicles they can live with on a daily basis. The large-and-in-charge Cayenne is a perfect example. It's certainly not a 911 at five-feet tall and 4,400 lbs., yet the big SUV continuously sells in higher volume here in the U.S. than its sportier stablemates.

With Porsche in the middle of changing over to the 2011 Cayenne, the 911 and Cayman/Boxster had a solid opportunity to come out on top, but April's sales figures shows that the newest of Porsches, the four-door Panamera, shot right to the head of the class. The decidedly front-engined, boxer-less Porsche Panamera routed its stablemates with 678 sales, the big sedan's best month yet. Those 678 sales are nearly double that of the 911, its next closest competitor in the Porsche line-up.

But while the Panamera can hang its hat on a very nice April, we're thinking the big Porsche's days as sales leader are numbered. Since the outgoing 2010 Cayenne averaged about 800 sales per month last year, our money is on the 2011 model to take its U.S. sales crown back in the next month or two.

[Source: Porsche]

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