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It's not that November is all that far away, but when you've been waiting for something for almost four years, every day can seem like an eternity. We're talking, of course, about the Chevrolet Volt, which General Motors has said for ages will go on sale in late 2010. Or November or December of 2010. Or in the fourth quarter of 2010. Or something like that.

During a panel session on electric vehicles here at the AFVI Expo in Las Vegas yesterday, we heard GM's Mary Beth Stanek mention GM chairman Ed Whitacre's comments from a few weeks ago about possibly moving the release date to October. GM told us at the time that "Our plans and focus have not changed," implying that, well, who knows? We asked Volt spokesman Rob Peterson for a yet another clarification, and he told AutoblogGreen:
[Whitacre] indicated October, and the team is pushing as hard as it possibly can to get the vehicle out as soon as it possibly can. The target has always been November 2010, and obviously everybody in the whole company is pretty excited about getting this vehicle out on the road. Our preference would have been to have it out last year. It's a matter of getting everyone lined up, all the manufacturers and suppliers along with all of the engineering and certification. We're on target to be out there in that time period. The difference between October and November is literally, minutes.
Minutes to some people, maybe.

[Source: GM]

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