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Coda Automotive chief executive officer Kevin Czinger had a lot get off of his chest a few days ago. Speaking at Moving Ahead 2010, a future-of-transportation conference held at Ohio State University, Czinger detailed the future of Coda and discussed how the company will move forward in ways that fall outside the norm of the industry. For starters, Coda will partially build vehicles in China and ship them to a site in Los Angeles county for final assembly. Coda will also forego the traditional dealership in favor of one single store and a few locations that offer test drives only.

In addition to the differences noted above, batteries for the electric sedan will also be built off-site, not in-house as Nissan and others have chosen to do. Czinger told conference-goers that Coda is currently considering three states for the site of its upcoming battery plant. States still in contention include Ohio, California and North Carolina. The final determination should be made next month as each state makes final pitch to Coda with hopes of landing the plant and the projected 1,000 jobs that will come with it. The plant will have the capacity to build 20,000 battery packs annually, more than enough to power the 15,000 EVs the company plans to roll out by the end of next year. Automotive News contacted Coda regarding battery plant location to which a company spokesperson replied:
We have not yet made a decision regarding where our manufacturing plant will be and we are actively in discussions with several states. We do expect to make a decision in the very near future.

[Source: Columbus Dispatch]

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