Westfield iRacer prototype – Click above to watch video after the jump

While the Westfield iRacer is busy traipsing about Europe showing off its spandex skin, its non-identical prototype twin has been hard at work getting all the mechanicals properly sorted out. Creating an electric racing car requires much more than just tossing a pair of torque-crazy YASA motors and some batteries into a Lotus 7 look-a-like and driving off into a checkered-flag sunset, you know. There's tons of testing, tuning and plenty of other tasks to be done as well.

For example, at the recent Stoneleigh Kit Car Show, the exemplar was asked to expound on the performance capabilities of the EV Cup-bound drivetrain. Cars aren't much for words so the black Westfield replied in the language it knows best, demonstrating the ability of the setup to make doughnuts, figure-eights and generally turn perfectly good tires into smoke and small smelly bits. Hit the jump to experience the engine roaring tire-squealing sights and sounds for yourselves.

[Source: YouTube]

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