The TTXGP begins its first weekend of electric motorcycle road racing on American soil at Infineon Raceway the 14th of May and the starting line-up features big surprises both by inclusion and absentia. The two biggest bombshells have to be the no-shows of Isle of Man alumni Brammo and Mission Motors. Considering that one of the TTR race bikes that gave Brammo a podium finish just did a little pre-race lapping of the Long Beach Grand Prix circuit last month, it strikes us as odd that they would pass up a chance to race for real at this inaugural event. Then there's the company that's supposed to be branding itself as the preeminent American electric super bike maker, Mission Motors. We're not exactly sure what's up with these cats since their business plan took a hard left turn this winter with the departure of co-founder Forrest North from the CEO's chair, the announcement of a production delay of the Mission One and investment from Zonghshen, a motorcycle manufacturer from China. With no official word from the company, MM fans will have to take solace in a rumor that says there is a possibility the team will re-emerge later in the season.

Only slightly less shocking (but just as disappointing) is the MotoCzysz situation. After totally revising their bike, breaking their dyno records and offering their new design up for others to use in their builds, we were saddened to learn they have decided the race date to be too close to the their shipping schedule for the Isle of Man's TT Zero.

It's not all bad news though. Hit the break to see the dozen teams that will be on the grid for the start of the American TTXGP.

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Electric Motorsport Inc
Winners of the open class at the 2009 Isle of Man TTXGP, this California maker of Native Cycles will be competing with their Pro-Class superbike. This machine consists of an Yamaha R1 frame packing an AC induction motor and stuffed with 10.5 kWhs worth of lithium ion batteries.

Zero Agni
While we knew Zero Motorcycles had planned on competing, it seems they have entered into a joint effort with Agni Motors. Look for a bike based on the Zero S platform featuring a single, newly designed motor from "Professor" Cedric Lynch.

SWIGZ.COM Pro Racing
Headed up by pro rider Chip Yates, the Swigz bike should prove tough to beat. Think of it as a computer-guided, two-wheeled missile similar in looks to a Suzuki GSX-R750 but powered by a liquid-cooled DC motor capable of putting out 190 horsepower. Torque? We were afraid to ask.

Lightning Motorcycles/A&A Racing
Claiming to have the "World's Fastest production Electric Motorcycle" with a 166.388 miles per hour timed run on the Bonneville Salt Flats, Richard Hatfield's converted Ducati sports a liquid cooled AC motor from an EV1 juiced by a pack of A123 cells.

Team Electra
Re-born in a barn on a 60's-era Norton Featherbed-framed Atlas, Brian Richardson's licensed antique may become the sentimental favorite. It's not all about the old-school though with an AC motor and re-gen brakes, this bike boasts 115 pound feet of torque and a top speed reckoned to be in the neighborhood of 120 mph.

Werkstatt Racing
Though a little late to the party, Jennifer Bromme and Co. will be arriving in style on the only Mavizen TTX02 entered at Infineon. Based on the KTM RC8 featuring the electromechanicals from last year's TTXGP-winning entry, look the for bright red streak.

Electric Race Bikes
This electric motorcycle parts retailer is out to make a name for itself. Their machine features a pair of Agni motors in a 72 volt system and will have American Federation of Motorcycles Formula III class winner Mike Hannas in the saddle.

Empirical Electric
Bob Schneeveis has built many different types of electric vehicles over the years including a chariot pulled by a walking robot. Now, he's teamed up with racer Wendy Epstein to contest the American TTXGP with a, well, we don't know yet...but we're sure it'll be interesting.

K2 Racing
Kenyon Kludge is not only a longtime racer but an electrical engineer at Zero Motorcycles. His privateer team will take on his boss (and everyone else) with a modified Zero S featuring suspension and chassis treatment by Aftershocks Suspension.

Square Wave Racing
Although just recently formed, this team plans on using the TTXGP series to help develop future product for Rhyne Electric Powersports. They'll be competing with a converted Honda CBR600F2 featuring an AC motor mated to a transmission of their own making to put the power down.

Pril Motors
If you're a rider looking for a piece of this inaugural action the Pril team may looking be for you. Their garage-born XR-1 (formerly a Kawasaki Ninja), needs a pair of hands to steer it around Infineon. See their team page for contact information.

Volt Motors
Employees of their sponsor, ThunderStruck Motors (who have many NEDRA records of which to brag), Loren Crotty and Eland Eggers have dreamed of showing the world what they can do with an electric motorcycle. Now is their chance.

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