Since the McLaren F1 finished its GT competition career in the late 1990s, seeing more than one of them in any single location has become an increasingly rare event (unless you happen to be in the Sultan of Brunei's garage). Only about 100 McLaren F1s were ever built, with 64 of those being standard road-going editions.
The remaining cars included the five F1 LMs that commemorated the first Le Mans victory and the various GTR race cars and prototypes.

For the recent launch of the new MP4-12C sports car, McLaren invited current F1 owners (and their cars) to the factory in the Surrey suburb of Woking. Surprisingly, 21 F1s actually showed up, making it perhaps the largest-ever gathering of the model.

Thankfully, not all of the McLaren F1s are ensconced in museums. A number of them do get driven on a regular basis.


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