The Ferrari 599 GTO tears up the tarmac - Follow the jump to watch the video

You have to love the human being's ability to rationalize almost anything. After all, how else can you explain calling a near half-million-dollar sports car a "best value?" Yet that's exactly what Autocar has done in evaluating the new Ferrari 599 GTO. By comparing it's £300,000 price tag against the £1.3 million 599XX while noting that the GTO is at least 4/5ths of the more expensive car, it certainly comes across as something of a bargain, absurd as it sounds. Of course, since almost no one reading this likely to ever afford either car, the point's moot anyway.

One thing that jumps out at us in Autocar magazine'sFerrari GTO video review is what we'll be missing if electric cars ever take over the world: the glorious sound. Sure, torque-heavy electric motors can generate a car that may be just as fast, but no electric car will ever sound as good as this thing. It's the kind of noise that can make a man find religion. Check out the video after the jump, and drop a comment letting us know whether you agree. A tip of the hat to Giulio!

[Source: YouTube]

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