It's no secret that the Nissan Leaf is one hot car right now. First there were 6,000 pre-orders, which jumped up to 8,000 and Nissan expects 25,000 by year's end. The company should be thrilled with all of the interest, considering it claims to profit on each Leaf sold thanks to a battery that is claimed to only cost just $9,000.

Now that initial rush is over, Leaf reservations are coming in at a slower rate. Instead of increases of thousands of orders per day, Nissan is getting more like a hundred or so now. The latest report shows that more than 8,300 reservations are in and it's clear some colors are much more popular than others. Blue and silver, for example, are at the top of the list, garnering 31 and 28 percent of pre-orders, respectively. The rest of the color options pretty evenly take their pieces of the remaining pie, around 14 percent each. The bigger news, though, is selection of trim levels. The Leaf is available in either SV or SL trim, with the later a $940 upgrade. Customers have shown that they believe it's money well spent as some 70 percent have selected the up-level trim, which can only add to Nissan's profit per vehicle, right?

[Source: LeafDrivers]

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