Hyundai Sonata Wagon – Click above to enlarge

It's always nice to know that someone is listening to your ramblings. A couple of days ago when we saw a speculative rendering of a station wagon version of the new Kia Optima, we postulated that its cousin the Hyundai Sonata would make a great Shooting Brake. Well, we've now seen two renderings of a long-roof Sonata from two different artists and we are sold on the concept.

The image to the right was generated by the same Theophilus Chin who created the Optima wagon. Don't get us wrong, we generally love the Mercedes-Benz "Shooting Break" concept we saw in Beijing. However, unlike the designers at Mercedes-Benz, Theo understands the history of the Shooting Brake and rendered a proper two-door plus hatch, and it works beautifully with the Sonata's fluidic sculpture design. Check out Theo's other work at his site.

We'd also like to thank Jon Riska who, while acknowledging his less advanced photoshopping skills, still produced the very handsome four-door Sonata wagon above. If you'd like to try your own hand, send your images along to tips at autoblog dawt com and we may add them to the reader gallery.

Note to Hyundai America CEO John Krafcik: We know you check out Autoblog. Come on, you know you want to build one of these!

[Source: This Week in Motors]

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