California is certainly no slouch when it comes to offering up incentives for electric vehicles (EVs) and its no secret that the state would like to clean up the air in any way possible. It's also quite well known that many vehicles enter our nation through the state's busiest port: Los Angeles. Soon, this port will be handling an influx of EVs, including the Nissan Leaf. In order to reduce shipping costs and encourage automakers to bring EVs here, the port of Los Angeles has proposed a 15 percent reduction in wharfage fees for all incoming EVs.

The reduced fees would apply to unloading and storage of electric vehicles. Right now, the port services incoming vehicles from Nissan and Infiniti, but could add BYD to the list in the near future (maybe). The port can house up to 8,000 vehicles before sending them out for distribution throughout the U.S. Before the reduction in wharfage rates for EVs becomes official, the proposal must go through the LA City Council, the California Ports Authority and the LA Harbor Commission, though none are expected to show displeasure with the plan. With reduced rates, the port's biggest concern in the future may be policing the thousands of freighters loaded with EVs headed for LA, unless other seaside port towns follow LA's eco-friendly lead.

[Source: Green Car Advisor | Image: Rennett Stowe - C.C. License 2.0]

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