The McLaren Formula One team has joined Ferrari, Renault and Williams in backing the return of kinetic energy recovery systems (KERS) to the series in 2011. A handful of teams experimented with these hybrid drive systems in 2009 but everyone abandoned the systems for 2010. McLaren was actually the only team to win a race with a KERS-equipped car in 2009.

Most of the teams and FIA president Jean Todt have acknowledged the need to incorporate more relevant technology in the future; engine downsizing and KERS are both being discussed. While no one is using KERS in F1 this year, the McLaren system, which was developed with Zytek Engineering, was used by Corsa Motorsports in its American Le Mans Series car in 2009. Williams had the most unique system with its electromechanical flywheel setup. That system is actually being used this year by Porsche in the experimental 911 GT3R Hybrid which will run in the 24 Hours of Nürburgring this weekend. A decision will have to be made soon so that teams have time to incorporate the systems into their 2011 car designs.


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