After tens of thousands of miles spent on road trips, we admit we've spent many nights on long adventures without a place to stay for the night. Typically, we've just kicked the seat back and shut our eyes wherever we found a safe place to pull off. As it turns out, we weren't doing it right. A wealth of car habitation abounds on the net, and we found a few good nuggets from a post on Pblks, one of our favorite blogs. If you're planning on road tripping, keep these in mind:
  • Most Walmarts let you park overnight for free.
  • Find a place at least an hour before sundown so you're not driving around at night.
  • Sleeping in nicer residential neighborhoods will get the cops called on you. Sleeping in bad residential neighborhoods will get you robbed.

Check out the other suggestions, which Pblks posted by way of this comment on Reddit by xenophone. Next time you're out on the road without a place to stay, just give us a call.

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