Parents has worked up a lengthy list of its favorite family haulers for 2010, though you won't see too many minivans or SUVs on the roundup. Instead, the site broke down its selections into categories like sedans, hybrids and large vehicles and arranged its picks in no particular order. We certainly can't argue with cars like the 2010 Subaru Legacy or the 2010 Volkswagen Jetta TDI, though a few of those that made the cut had us scratching our heads.

Both the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight found favor among the Parents editors. Sure, we can respect trying to save some cash at the pump, but those hybrid hatches don't exactly have the space for the Boy Scouts level of preparedness that accompanies traveling with a toddler.

Other shockers include the loveable but quirky Kia Soul and the omission of the ubiquitous Toyota Camry in favor of the sportier Honda Accord. You can hop over to the Parents site to see the full list of 15 cars and CUVs for yourself.

[Source: Parents]

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