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The 2010 Camaro has been a boon for General Motors and its Chevrolet brand, with sales of 9,150 units in April alone. The Mustang is down a bit at 5,145 units for April, but that's expected to change once the vastly improved 2011 models begin rolling into Ford dealers around the country. Even the Dodge Challenger had its best month ever in April. We can't tell you how happy it makes us that the pony car wars have once again began to boil over, but a report by Edmunds' Auto Observer correctly points out that the rest of the sports car market isn't faring nearly so well.

The report shows that sports cars like the once hot Nissan GT-R, with only 106 sales in April, are now struggling for sales. Porsche 911 sales are down 18 percent from a poor 2009, only 428 Mazda RX-8s have been sold in 2010 and Nissan failed to sell 1,000 copies of the fun to drive 370Z. Even the venerable Corvette, which saw 2007 production of over 40,000 units, is only at 3,522 units through four months of 2010.

Is the sports car on the permanent decline, or are we just hitting a big-time bump in the road? Take the poll below to give us your thoughts.

[Source: Auto Observer]

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