Video: Kids arrested for using SUV to waterski on Tennessee floodwaters

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The flooding in Tennessee has been nothing short of catastrophic, with 19 deaths and billions of dollars in damage. And Tennessee residents don't only have a monumental clean-up on their hands. There are plenty of closed roads, stores and schools out there, which means residents will have a difficult time driving and shopping, and kids will be bored.

A video recently posted on YouTube shows what could possibly the very worst way to spend your time in the home of the (flooded) Grand Ole Opry. A trio of youngins thought it would be fun to water ski on the flooded parking lot of what looks like an abandoned dealership. The three youths tied a rope to the tail of a Nissan Pathfinder, hit the gas and showcased some very solid skiing skills. Unfortunately for them, the cops were watching the whole time, and after a short run on the flood water the driver and skier were cuffed.

Hit the jump to watch the video for yourself. The fuzz may be overreacting to a bunch of kids having fun, but the reality is that the kids' stunt was pretty dangerous and likely not worth the risk of adding to an already high death toll. We're pretty sure the owners of the property wouldn't want to take on that kind of insurance risk, either. Feel free to voice your open opinion in the Comments.

[Source: YouTube]

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