Everyday we seem to encounter new green claims. Some of these come from actual independent, proven testing methods such as the Energy Star labels (well...) while others are merely thrown out there to wow us like 230 miles per gallon equivalent ratings. Slap a green sticker here or an eco-friendly label there and stuff sells. If you've ever questioned some of the labeling claims or wondered what they really mean, you're definitely not alone.
When a PhD candidate from the University of California Berkeley came forth asking us if we'd like to participate in a research study that aims to understand how we perceive these ratings and claims, you knew we wanted to be part of it. We admit, we're a bit skeptical about some of the range labels being applied to electric vehicles and the 230 mpge number posted for the Chevy Volt, and we're just as leery about some other industry claims out there. So this is our chance – and yours – to be heard by voicing your opinion on the labeling game. Follow the link below to take part in a research study that will assess your individual "green standards." Your input could help guide future "greenness" ratings.

[Source: Univ. of California Berkeley]

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