Review: 2010 Ford Transit Connect arrives ready for work

Many small businesses need to deliver product or services to their customers. For many that operate locally, existing options like the Dodge Sprinter or Ford E-Series vans are simply too large, thirsty and unwieldy for their needs. Enter the Ford Transit Connect.

Video: Suzuki boosts Kizashi sedan's performance with turbocharger, Tommy Kendall spools it up

Suzuki has partnered with Road Race Motorsports to develop a Kizashi Turbo Concept, boosting the power to a very respectable 290 horses.

Mazda RX-8 to exit U.S. market after 2011 model year?

Motor Trend is reporting that the aging RX-8 is set to exit stage left here in the States after the 2011 model year. As it is, the rotary-powered sportscar is slated to see the European guillotine at the same time due to its inability to meet Euro V emissions standards.

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