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We knew we were in for something special when Delahaye USA announced it would be tackling a roadster. The company had already wowed us with its Bella Figura Bugnotti Coupe last year, and taking the top off of a beautiful car has never been a crime in our books. The company dedicated to cranking out modern interpretations of some of the most beautiful cars ever created has impressed us with the newest Bugnotti.

The car was originally penned by none other than Chip Foose himself, and Delahaye did its best to stay true to the design. That includes those enclosed pontoon front fenders. The builder went through plenty of pains to ensure that the front wheels could turn lock-to-lock inside of the bodywork without any interference.

The Bugnotti also features an asymmetrical aesthetic thanks to the hand-worked trim on each side. On the left, the vehicle's pontoons are bare, while the right-hand side wears chrome-plated aluminum metal work. Not quite our cup of tea, but as builder Terry Cook pointed out, you only see one side of the car at a time.

Under that lengthy hood sits a LS1 V8 from General Motors mated to a 4L60E automatic gearbox. Cook originally wanted a BMW V12 to power the boat tail, but wiring concerns and a short timeline resulted in the all-American powerplant.

Right now, Delahaye isnt' saying exactly how much a Bugnotti roadster will set you back, but considering that the Bella Figura starts at $250,000, it's not going to be cheap.

[Source: Delahaye]

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