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We recently got the chance to get some seat time with the new 2010 Royal Enfield motorcycle, and we came away rather impressed with that machine's transformation from an old-but-charismatic 1950s design to a new-and-charismatic 1950s design. Still, no matter how new, clean or fuel efficient an engine may be, if it burns fossil fuels, it's already outdated for an ever-increasing number of people.

If that's the camp you fall into but you'd still love to enjoy the wind in your hair on a Royal Enfield motorcycle, may we direct you to Hammarhead Industries, which would be more than happy to sell you a fully electric two-wheeler based on the 2002-2009 Royal Enfield Bullet chassis. Price? $18,500.

Though that sticker may be nearly four times what a stock gas-burning 2010 Enfield would cost, it includes some pretty worthy technology. The electric drive system was designed and built by Enertrac and includes a MHM-62 motor along with a 102-volt lithium polymer battery pack that offers 6kW of power. Sure, we'd prefer the bike if it didn't have the stock cutout for the now nonexistent exhaust header, but it's a pretty effective design nonetheless. See for yourself in our high-res image gallery below.

[Source: Hammarhead Industries]

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