In recent years, electric power steering systems (EPAS) have rapidly been supplanting older hydraulic systems as a means of reducing both weight and parasitic losses. Until now, most of the EPAS applications have been on small- to mid-sized cars.
According to the full-size truck is the next target of EPAS engineers. Nexteer Automotive, which was spun off from General Motors and Delphi, is one of the leading manufacturers of these systems. Nexteer is expecting widespread EPAS adoption as the Detroit automakers scramble to try and meet the 2016 fuel economy standards, which require light trucks to average 28.8 miles per gallon.

Switching to EPAS can yield about a four percent improvement in fuel economy. One of the keys to making EPAS viable on trucks has been the migration from older recirculating ball steering systems to lower friction rack and pinion setups.


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