We've all written an apology letter at some point, right? These simple little notes declare that we've done something wrong and we're trying to make it right. In the Barret Lyon's case, discovering an apology letter with his name attached to it was quite shocking. Why, was he shocked? Well first of all, Lyon doesn't feel he's done anything wrong and, second, he claims he didn't even write the letter. He says it's a forgery.

Lyon's story is a complex one to follow. Luckily, he has detailed it all on his blog. A brief recap goes something like this: Lyon was searching for an electric car two years ago when few were available. He managed to find a company that focused on electric vehicle conversions called EV Innovations (which later became Hybrid Technologies and then Li-Ion Motors). The company converted a PT Cruiser for Lyon at a cost of roughly $70,000. From the moment Lyon took delivery, problems began to surface. Countless issues led to Lyon claiming the vehicle was a lemon and filing suit for damages.

The whole fiasco began back in June of 2008. Recently, Li-Ion Motors has been in touch with Lyon on several occasions. Why? Well the company is not too thrilled about Lyon's blog that accuses the company of selling him a lemon and they are demanding him to retract his posts and shut it down. This brings us to the real shocker. Just days ago, Lyon stumbled across an apology letter on the Internet with his name listed as the author. This letter, addressed to Li-Ion Motors, offers sincere apologies for the unkind words and continuous lies that Lyon posted on his blog. The problem is that Lyon says he never wrote the letter. In fact, he claims that Li-Ion Motors forged the entire thing by paying a company to write the falsified letter and post it to India Consumer Complaints forum. Lyon contacted the complaint forum and they immediately withdrew the letter but he saved a copy of it for his blog.

Lyon ended his most recent blog post with this bit of advice, "Stay away from these guys, they're bad." His story confirms our impressions of the somewhat dubious nature of this company. From $60,000 converted Minis to electric taxis that failed to deliver, the company formerly known as EV Innovations falls short of impressing us. Follow the link below for the entire story, it's quite the read. Thanks to Ken for the tip! Li-Ion Motors did not respond to a request to comment on this post.

[Source: Blyon]

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