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Auckland, New Zealand has a different take on the definition of hybrid. While we Americans can't stop scarfing down lithium-ion powered creations by the boatload, the Kiwis are keen to crank out creations like the one you see above. What is it? It's called the Folden, and it's one-half Ford and – you guessed it – one-half Holden. Why would someone intentionally try to mix the oil and water of the automotive universe? Because radio hosts Robert Taylor and Jono Pryor were tired of the constant back and forth between the fans of the two brands and wanted to do something that would equally offend all involved.

The finished product is far from repulsive. It wears a front clip from a '69 Mustang and the haunches of a HQ Holden. Power comes courtesy of a good old-fashioned FoMoCo 302. The whole thing was cranked out in a mere three months, and the station claims that there are over 800 man-hours in the build. The final price tag? No one seems to know for certain, but estimates put it at somewhere between $85,000 and $95,000.

The Folden is currently being auctioned off for charity. The proceeds will benefit the New Zealand Mental Health Foundation for Out of the Blue – a group set up to help combat veterans cope with depression. Thanks, Myke!

[Source: Trade Me]

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