We've heard many reports before regarding just how much impact electric vehicles (EVs) will have on the environment. Some claim a profound reduction of this while others suggest an increase of that. Of course, it's all speculation for now because it's hard to determine the EVs' actual impact until they take to the streets and long-term studies can be conducted.
Nonetheless, a German environmental organization called Deutsche Umwelthilfe claims that governments across the globe are wasting money by pouring it into EV initiatives. The group even suggests that some governments will "plunder" financially by dishing out all of this money which will have little, if any, impact on the environment. Head of the group Juergen Resch said:
A lot of money is going to be handed out to support electric cars instead of implementing tougher carbon-dioxide emissions [rules] and making gasoline and diesel cars more efficient.
Resch said automakers should instead focus on increasing efficiency of combustion engines rather than electric cars. Resch suggests that EVs pollute the environment a lot more than expected due to the extensive use of coal to generate electricity. Whether you believe Resch or not, we know EVs have environmental benefits regardless of where the electricity comes. Throw in the fact that power can be generated by cleaner technologies like wind or hydro-power, and we wonder if Umwelthilfe isn't hurting itself with this suggestion.

[Source: Bloomberg | Image: Eutrophication & Hypoxia - C.C. License 2.0]

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