Several countries have already announced major plans to put electric vehicles on the road soon. Most of the deals we've heard about start with the government agreeing to buy (X) amount of electric vehicles (EVs) as a sign of support and belief in the battery-powered technology. Then some incentives are rolled out to sweeten the deal for potential buyers, followed by talk of an infrastructure to support the charging needs of the EV. Well, France is certainly following the plan, but has taken it to the extreme.

The French government has committed to purchasing 50,000 electric vehicles for fleet use, way more than we have come to expect. The government has assembled a group of 20 corporations, utility companies and other large fleet owners to purchase all those EVs, most of which will come fomer Renault and Peugeot-Citroen.

Moving on to incentives, how does 5,000 euros (about $6,622 at today's exchange rate) sound? Called the super-bonus, this is the incentive that is available until 2012 and the government claims the incentive will eliminate any price difference between conventional and electric cars. Last but not least, the government will fund pilot projects to get the infrastructure up and running. Most of this is pretty standard stuff, but 50,000 EVs? Really? Thanks to Kenny for the tip!

[Source: ABCCarbon]

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