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Tesla Motors chief executive officer Elon Musk is good at playing the public relations game. He has the ability to help Tesla make headlines when nothing even happens. Case in point, Musk recently told Automotive News that Tesla plans to announce the site of its new U.S. plant within the next several weeks. Now, we all know that announcing that you plan to disclose something is not news, but Musk creatively slid a few tidbits of info into the discussion to make it newsworthy so Tesla can grab a few headlines once again.

We already know that Tesla is searching for a production plant somewhere on the West Coast. This facility will be used to produce the Model S and the Roadster. Here's what Musk had to add:
It hasn't yet been finalized. We've almost fully negotiated the deal, but it has not been signed yet.
[Source: Automotive News – sub. req.]

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