Look what the Prius hath wrought. Even just a few years ago it was a poster child for the overly hip and crazy-eyed eco warriors, now its wake is full of hybrids from the Ford Fusion to the... Lexus LFA? Brenda Priddy's viewfinder settled on an LFA mule with a flap on the hood that, theory holds, could be covering up a plug-in socket.
The context supposes that Porsche is serious about making the 918, and Lexus, with the conventionally-powered LFA already proving itself in customer hands, could jump the lights with a hybrid and get ahead early in the eco supercar stakes. It's all conjecture for now, but not entirely impossible to believe. However, if Lexus makes U.S. buyers jump through flaming hoops for the standard LFA, who knows what kind of wire-walking act they'll need to pull off to get an LFA Hybrid.

[Source: SEMA]

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