Imagine a police chase in Manhattan where a Ford Fusion Hybrid pulls up behind the criminal followed by a few Priuses, an Escape Hybrid and a couple of Altima hybrids. Now, think of the scenario where the criminal, driving his gas-guzzling Hummer, takes off out of the city limits on a long-distance chase. A hundred miles later, the criminal creeps to the side of the road running on nothing but fumes while the NYPD hybrid crew has consumed less than three gallons per vehicle. While this scenario is probably not the reason that the NYPD has chosen to add more hybrid vehicles to its fleet, it could play out in our own private screenplay.

The real reason the NYPD is putting 200 extra hybrids into active-duty is probably due more to economics than the scenario above, which we still hope to see on an episode of Cops someday. The NYPD has ordered 200 hybrid versions of the Ford Fusion and Ford Escape to add to its existing HEV fleet. That fleet already includes 40 Nissan Altima Hybrids, a bunch of Priuses and some Escape Hybrids. The huge green fleet will save the city a significant amount of money on fuel costs. Estimates show that traditional cop-duty vehicles like the Crown Vic and Chevy Impala return about 10 miles per gallon when used for police duty. While the numbers aren't in for the police hybrids, we can conservatively assume that many of them will at least double that figure.

[Source: Green Car Reports | Image: Dan - C.C. License 2.0]

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