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Honda Motor Company is more than a bit bummed out. It appears as though the company is not exactly pleased that the Toyota Prius has killed its Insight in sales and is even more agitated that the Prius remains the mileage champ. So, what can the company do to hit back? Build an Insight that trumps the competition, of course. Honda's president Takanobu Ito is pushing company engineers to build a better Insight as quickly as possible. His dream is not just a slightly enhanced hybrid. He's shooting for the stars on the this one.

Ito wants the next Insight to trump the Prius in gas mileage, a difficult task for sure. But if a company president is, as Ito said, "not satisfied," changes must be made and goals have to be achieved. The current Insight struggles to compete with the Prius and many reports have suggested that the Insight's mediocre mileage of 40 miles per gallon city and 43 mpg highway is to blame. The Prius manages 51 mpg city and 48 mpg highway, a significant difference. Making an Insight that can match the Prius' gas mileage is not an easy task considering that the mileage gap between the vehicles is over a 20 percent.

[Source: HybridCars]

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