Ferrari Enzo Street Clock – Click above for high-res image gallery

The Ferrari Enzo street clock is 8.3 feet tall and nearly three feet wide, and it could well be the perfect gift for even the most ardent Ferrari fan. The massive yet tastefully executed advertising time piece was reportedly shipped from Europe to the U.S. sometime after its 2003 creation, and now it's available on eBay for just about anyone who has a strong love of the Ferrari brand and at least $5,000.

The yellow-faced clock is reportedly in working condition, with hour markers and hands that glow in the dark (at least temporarily) at night. Designers didn't go easy on the spooked stallions, either, as we count seven instances of the famous horse on the substantial street clock. And although the clock is massive at over eight feet tall, the owner claims to be selling this item because he has found a "much larger" clock to replace it.

We can't help but think of how cool this clock would look in the Autoblog Garage, but we're guessing it would look far cooler if it were partitioning a pair of Ferraris we just don't have right now. Head over to eBay to get a better look at the Enzo clock, and if you've got at least $5,000 and an itch for kick ass Ferrari memorabilia, happy bidding! Hat tip to Kevin!

[Source: eBay]

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