The Aptera 2e has been driven on roads before, but the team from California can't be too pleased with the results of the first accident avoidance test yesterday: the vehicle needed 40 tries before passing, which might explain why the 2e was missing from the big press conference in Lansing.

The test requires the vehicles to drive at a minimum speed of 45 miles per hour and changes lanes "to the left and then back to the right without using throttle or braking to control the vehicle," as Consumer Reports writes. Cars like the modified Prius from American HyPower, the sedan from Illuminati Motor Works and the Edison2 Very Light Car all passed the test without much difficulty. Aptera, though, needed to do a lot of tweaking after consistently hitting a cone or not being fast enough through at least 28 attempts on day one. The next day, after another dozen close passes, the vehicle made it through the course.

We'll get our own look at the testing going on at the Michigan International Speedway next week and ask the Aptera team what they learned during this "reality check." Let's hope things are smoother for the rest of the teams.

[Source: Consumer Reports]

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