Video: PSA - Ken Jeong and Joel McHale urge you to put a sock on it

Wear your thumb socks – Click above to watch video after the jump

In the never-ending battle to get teenage drivers to put down their cell phones while driving, Sprint has assembled an A-Team of comedic force to advocate the use of thumb socks. We're not kidding. The ever-hilarious comedians Ken Jeong and Joel McHale have jumped on board to get teens to wrap up their opposable digits while driving. The theory is that the slick sock fabric makes it nearly impossible manipulate your phone's buttons and cuts out using the iPhone's touchscreen all together.

Sprint will be more than happy to send you three pairs of the socks once you sign up for an account over at the Do Something web site. The company is hoping kids will give the extra pairs to their friends, or keep a pair in the glove box.

Sounds like a good idea, to be sure. Thing is, we have a hard time believing your average teenager is going to embrace wearing something that's four fingers short of a glove and takes effort to put on. Considering the fact that tying shoe laces is too much a stretch for most of the sub-20 population, we don't expect to see thumb socks become all the rage all of a sudden. Hit the jump to see Jeong and McHale do their best to get the word out.

[Source: Do Something]

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