Video: Princess Leia. Car wash. No, we're not kidding

Star Wars Charity Car Wash – Click above to watch the videos after the break

It could very well be the ultimate car-obsessed/Star Wars fanboy fantasy. What is this latest object of our geekery? How about a car wash carried out by a gaggle of Princess Leias? And not just any Princess Leia, mind you, but slave Leia. We told you already: Ultimate car-obsessed Star Wars fanboy fantasy.

Not surprisingly, the fertile minds over at G4TV's Attack of the Show were behind the stunt, and proceeds from the Star Wars Charity Car Wash went to the Make A Wish Foundation. And if you're worried it was all just a horrible example of male chauvinism (yeah, it probably was), Han Solo, Darth Vader, Obi Wan, a slew of Storm Troopers and even a Tusken Raider and pair of Jawas were also present and accounted for. What, no Olivia Munn?

Video? Of course, four of them in total. See it all go down after the break.

[Source: Attack of the Show]

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