Mini E Evolution - Click above to watch video after the jump

The Mini E is truly a pioneer in the electric vehicle ( EV) segment. Even though it's not a true production model, it has shown the world that electric is awesome. The test program has made the iconic, lovable Mini a the poster child for electric vehicles and a sign of what the future may hold. Aside from a few minor quibbles, Mini E lessees are overly joyed with their first EV experience and many don't want to give the vehicle back at the end of the lease. As the saying goes, once you go electric, there's no going back.

But is the Mini E really a vehicle that will change our lives and choices of what we drive forever? The creator of the Mini E Evolution video certainly believes so. The video depicts the little electric vehicle as the only remaining car on the planet at a time gasoline-engined relics just sit piled high at the local junkyard. Now, we're not sure that the Mini E is headed towards world domination, but a planet free of gasoline-burning hunks of metal would be a sight to behold. Watch the Mini E evolve and dominate the world after the jump. Hat tip to Todd!

[Source: YouTube]

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