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Crime fighting Good Samaritans can take on all forms, and apparently that includes in the form of a 3,900 pound, rear-drive Cadillac CTS. FailBlog has stumbled upon a what looks to be a Chinese news program running street camera footage of a petty thief stealing the purse of an unsuspecting woman. But instead of running off into the night, the robber is instead intercepted by the Caddy driver in rather spectacular fashion.

It's almost a good enough display to have us wondering about the authenticity of what's going on (there are a lot of staged viral videos these days), but assuming it's the real deal, now might be a good time to change Cadillac's tagline to "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Bad Guys."

Hit the jump to watch the Caddy doing Starsky and Hutch proud.

[Source: Failblog via YouTube]

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