At long last, the question of exactly which American V8 the newly-resurrected TVR will use has been answered. As you might have guessed, the Russian-owned, English-bred racer will get a beating heart from none other than the mighty Chevrolet Corvette. The news hounds over at Autocar managed to snag a quick interview with the brand's owner, Nikolai Smolenski, who said that the GM eight-pot presented the most efficient and powerful solution to the company's engine concerns.

Unfortunately, Smolenski didn't say exactly which GM V8 would find its way behind the new TVR's headlights. We'd love to think that the 638 horsepower supercharged LS9 would do a proper job of paying homage to the ridiculously powerful TVR models of days gone by, but it's possible that the company could opt for the more civil (and less expensive) 505 horsepower LS7 found in the current Corvette Z06.

Either way, the car should be an absolute rocket whenever it hits the streets. Given the fact that an all-American lump is going to be pushing power to the rear wheels, there's even some talk of the cars being sold here in the States. Our fingers? Yeah. They're crossed.

Autocar also makes mention of the fact that Smolenski is considering a hybrid model that would allow the use of an automatic transmission. Blasphemy or not, we're about to see a whole new take on the TVR name we know and love.

[Source: Autocar]

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