It's been reported before that the crew over at TopGear is not exactly environmentally friendly, but we'll give them the benefit of the doubt. C'mon, there's at least a bit of love for saving the Earth over at TopGear, right? After all, they are suspected of triggering the volcano in Iceland that grounded planes for several days thus reducing emissions in the area by who knows how many tons. Now, they are showing off their green side a little more by debating the importance of the hybrid vehicle. See, they really do care about the environment and have finally realized that powerful, gas-guzzling vehicles are not the answer moving ahead, well maybe not.

So the hybrid debate goes something like this. TopGear crew member The Stig takes the Insight and the Prius for a brief drive to calculate fuel economy. This is typical testing procedure until he suggests that fuel economy numbers can't be calculated without each vehicle going full bore on the track for 10 miles or in his words, until they soar. As The Stig suggests, this is the only "real" way to test hybrids.

Let's move on to TopGear member James. His take on debating the value of hybrids is simple, hydrogen cars are the future of motoring, end of story.

Finally, what does Jeremy Clarkson say? Well, he likens hybrids to the catalytic converter. As he says, everybody supported the introduction of the catalytic converter as a move to reduce emissions when the real answer would have been to create more efficient engines that don't pollute as much. Here's his take on hybrids:
Hybrids are seen as the solution, because hybrids are a quick fix too. Everyone likes hybrids. And as a result - trust me on this - history is poised to repeat itself, because soon everyone will realize we went down the wrong road. Again.
So, the great debate comes to an end and we have gained a lot of knowledge from TopGear once again. Let's recap, hybrids get poor gas mileage when driven flat out on a track. Duh. Hydrogen vehicles are the future. And finally, hybrids are essentially band-aids that don't address the real issue. Wow, we feel so enlightened now that we have read this intellectual debate, and we hope you do to.

[Source: TopGear]

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