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Our German is not quite as good as it once was. Truth is, our understanding of the language is limited to Google translations. With that aside, a news agency in Germany is reporting that Volkswagen has shaken up plans for its upcoming electric vehicles. According to the DPA, one of Germany's independent news groups, the first mass-produced electric vehicle (EV) from the company will be the e-Golf scheduled for 2013 followed by the e-up! and the e-Jetta.

This scheduling departs from previous reports stating that VW would release a small test fleet of e-Golfs followed by the e-up!, then a mass-produced e-Golf and finally an e-Jetta. The DPA points to corporate circles as the source for this information adding that the Golf is the company's most important product and, fittingly, should be first in line for the electric setup. As stated by the DPA, VW had to go with the Golf first or risk being flushed right out of the market by stiff competition in the compact segment coming soon. If your German is up to par, follow the link and see if there's any more insight to glean from the report. If not, our take on it is probably close enough. Hat tip to Jan!

[Source: Yahoo Deutschland]

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