You can't sell everything on eBay. Case in point: The auction site has a pretty stiff policy against the selling of what it calls "murderabilia" or anything "closely associated with notorious murders within the last 100 years." We can debate whether euthanasia qualifies constitutes actual murder, but regardless, Dr. Jack Kevorkian's 1968 Volkswagen Van evidently falls into that category on eBay, as it was the site of several of the infamous doctor's reported 130 assisted suicides throughout the years.

As for the van, The Detroit News notes that Kevorkian gave it up to be crushed back in 1997. Somehow, the VW escaped its fate and wound up in the hands of Jack Finn, a retired Volkswagen parts dealer. Finn says the vehicle may run and stop, but it isn't safe to drive on public roads and is in need of a full restoration.

Since eBay Motors gave Finn's listing the boot, Kruse Auctions has agreed to sell the vehicle at its May 14-16 event.

Kevorkian was convicted of second degree murder in 1999 and subsequently served eight years in prison. He has recently become the focus of attention once again thanks to the new You Don't Know Jack movie staring Al Pacino.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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