Police in Ypsilanti Township, MI are looking for a burgundy vehicle in connection with a hit-and-run accident that critically injured an 11 year-old boy. This isn't the type of news we typically publish here at Autoblog, but the cops in Ypsi could use some help identifying the one piece of evidence they do have.

Above is an image of fragments of a driver-side headlight cover that was left at the scene of the accident by a mid-size burgundy-colored vehicle. Try as we might to come up with the vehicle that produced such a thing, we've come up decidedly short. Good thing we know a few million of the most knowledgeable enthusiasts on the planet (that's you) to help us come up with the vehicle that matches the evidence. We know it's a long-shot, but if you have a good idea of what vehicle this headlight cover comes from, hit the jump and give us your hypothesis in the comments. Make sure to provide some explanation as to why the headlamp cover might match the vehicle.

[Source: Annarbor.com]

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