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And not just a track, either. The National Corvette Museum wants to build an entire motorsports complex, including two road courses, a kart track, a ten-acre autocross course and a quarter-mile drag strip in Bowling Green, Kentucky. If that wasn't ambitious enough, the museum wants to do it on the opposite side of I-65 from the main museum and Corvette manufacturing plant. If the plan goes through, the two will be connected via a series of bridges and tunnels.

The main track borrows elements from some of our personal favorite courses, including the Carousel from the Nürburgring and the infamous Bus Stop from Watkins Glen. Even better, the museum says its courses will be FIA and SCCA compliant, meaning that when finished, we may actually see some impressive competitions take place on the new grounds.

The whole kit and caboodle is expected to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $35 million, excluding the price tag of all those bridges, etc, and the Corvette Museum has to come up with the majority of that figure before breaking ground. We're not sure exactly how the non-profit plans to come up with all of that coin, but we're betting Corvette owners can expect a polite request for donations sometime soon.

[Source: Motorsports Park]

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